The corporate strategy is a research topic that attracts me. Daily companies and executives face a number of challenges facing the market seeking business sustainability.

In this field two issues are the subject of my research: risk management and strategic alignment. The first concerns what is not known, ie that which can change the company’s results significantly. The risk area my research focus on business internationalization processes. It is known that the search for foreign markets is surrounded by risks and managing them is part of the strategy.

The second search field work with the strategic alignment between business and IT The challenge of aligning the social aspects of various actors involved in the process is also important and strategic for companies.

Besides these issues also have some research on aspects of methodology for research in business administration, tourism and competitive advantage.


  • Strategic Alignment
  • Risk Management
  • International Business
  • Decision Making
  • Business Games

Research Group

Our research group is linked to the program of Graduate Studies at the Federal University of Parana in the research line: Strategy and Organizations. We meet biweekly to discuss ongoing research, new possibilities of research, search of financial resources, learning research software and other activities.
Belong to the group teachers, masters and doctoral students as well as external researchers.

Research Projects

  • Social dimensions of the Strategic Alignment

    Social dimensions of the Strategic Alignment

    This project aims for expanding the understanding of the ambiguity and complexity of the alignment process researching the social dimension (actors, relationships, practice, structure and context) and how it can contribute to complement existing strategic outcomes.



  • The phenomenon of risk in the Strategic Process

    The phenomenon of risk in the Strategic Process

    Crises and financial scandals in recent years have attracted the attention of organizations, researchers and managers about the need for greater study and rigorous risk management in the corporate world (FRIGO, ANDERSON, 2011). Frigo (2009) points out that despite the issue not be a novelty in organizations, risk management practice has historically been treated in isolation. The author advocates the integration of risk in the strategy formation process. Converged with the idea, Courtney Kirkland and Viguirie (1997) highlight the need for greater inclusion of issues related to risk in corporate strategy: to the authors, may be foolhardy to adopt traditional approaches to strategic planning under uncertain conditions. In a recent literature review on the intersection between risk and strategic decision making, Bromiley and Rau (2010) identify three main branches: i) studies investigating the relationship between the risk-return paradox in the organization (Bowman, 1980; BETTIS, HALL, 1982 ; PARK, 2007); ii) research examining the perception and propensity to risk managers and senior executives, with analysis in the individual (MacCrimmon, WEHRUNG (1985, 1990); SITKIN, PABLO, 1992); and iii) analyze the influence of risk in corporate decisions. Included in this industry studies on the risk in strategic alliances (DAS, TENG, 2001), the development of new products (KEIZER, Halman, 2007) and internationalization of companies (Miller, 1992; Brouthers, 1995; Liesch, WELCH, BUCKLEY, 2011), among other topics. This project addresses the intersections of three theoretical fields of organizational literature, namely: i) risk, with emphasis on the management of organizational risk; ii) strategy, specifically on the strategic process; and iii) internationalization, addressing the International Business courses. Thus, the objective is to investigate, at the organizational level, as the risk is understood and managed in the strategic process (eg. Internationalization)