The Strategic Industrial Simulation addresses various strategic and tactical company decisions and includes a dashboard for managers.


Manage a small business and face the daily market challenges presents in the entrepreneur's life.

OGG Comex

International Business Simulation for foreign trade. Export, import, and work with the foreign trade challenges.

Entrepreneur Talent

Do you want to set up an internal tournament in your institution? The Entrepreneur Talent is an ideal business game for fast applications.

Beer Game - Free version

Test your knowledge about supply chain management and prevent your customers from being frustrated by the lack of product.

Jogos de empresa

Business Games

Business games or business simulations are tools that pursue to improve the teaching/learning methodology in the academic or corporate areas. The origin of the business simulation comes from forecasting and demand economic models. Over the years, the organization's internal aspects were incorporated into the management simulators available in the market.

A business simulation or serious game can be understood as a sequential decision-making tool using a pre-established model in which participants assume the role of managing a business.

The playful and competitive characteristics brought by the business game make its application a differential in executive training or even in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The ability to make decisions and analyze the effects they generate makes the simulation interesting, vibrant, interactive and challenging.

The simulations can be integrated to corporate universities or even be adopted by online learning and mobile learning also.

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